Learning Cards

We create e-learning courses and content for different learning projects. From blended learning courses in companies to pure digital self-learning courses on master level.

Here you can find some examples of such learning cards for different application purposes.

This learning card was created for a three-stage training program in chemical management for GIZ GmbH. The e-learning materials are intended to be suitable for self-learning as well as to support trainers in different factories in the footwear and textile industry to offer short trainings as well as longer blended learning trainings. The material will be translated into different languages as well as offered as a transcribed document for download.

This learning card was created for a master course in renewable energies for Kabul University. The course of studies is to take place in a blended learning didactics and is designed for use also as offline material. All exercises are therefore created in such a way that they can also be worked on with pen and paper.

This learning card was created for an agile learning project in a company. The team engaged in a work-integrated learning project with phases of self-directed learning and direct implementation in their daily tasks. These types of learning cards are designed to be completed in a short amount of time (max. 30 minutes) and try to nudge the learners to apply the specific techniques and concepts directly in their work routines.